lauantai 14. heinäkuuta 2012

Romney Bain Capitalin CEO?

Mitt Romney has always said that he left the private-equity firm Bain Capital in February, 1999, when he took charge of the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. And he’s used this fact to inoculate himself against charges that he was responsible for bad things that happened at Bain-controlled companies after he supposedly left the firm. But as the Boston Globe reported yesterday, and as Mother Jones and Talking Points Memo reported earlier this month, there are myriad post-February, 1999, S.E.C. filings for various Bain-related entities which describe Romney as still working for Bain. Most strikingly, the Globe found S.E.C. filings that list Romney as Bain’s C.E.O. and the chairman of its board, as well as its sole stockholder. All of which seems to suggest that Romney was lying either to voters (because he was, in fact, actively involved with Bain after he took over the Olympics effort), or to the S.E.C., neither of which would be good.

Toimiiko Mitt Romney (USAn republikaanien presidenttiehdokas) vieläkin Bain Capitalin johdossa?

Obaman mainos ylistää työläisaatteita. Obamaa on jo pitkään epäilty kommunistiksi.

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