tiistai 20. joulukuuta 2011

Android Symbianin ohi Intiassa

According to the latest IDC Mobile Phone Tracker release for Q3, 2011, Google’s Android overtook Symbian for the first time in India and emerged as the top platform by capturing a massive 42.4 percent share of the smartphone market. Apple’s iOS platform share in the smartphone market jumped a little bit from 2.6 percent (in Q2) to 3.09 percent (in Q3).


Android ohitti Symbianin ensimmäistä kertaa markkinaosuuksissa Intiassa.
“Overall, smartphones shipment for the India market showed an impressive growth of 21.4% over the previous quarter and 51.5% year-on-year. This helped the segment grow its contribution to the mobile phone shipment to 6.5% in Q3 from 5.6% in Q2.”



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